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Customer Experience Management Redefined

Journey-based Approach

CloudCherry is the first VOC solution to adopt a journey- based approach to Customer Experience. We simplify customer interactions and enable you to capture data across multiple touchpoints.

Map, track and understand customer expectations at a granular level through micro and macro journeys, and make delivering delight simpler and easier than ever before.

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Predictive, Path & Impact Analysis

Harness the power of Predictive tools, Path and Impact Analysis and a whole lot more to anticipate customer needs, proactively tackle churn and drive profitability.

Gain a competitive edge, and align and drive continuous CX improvements with CloudCherry.

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Third-Party Integrations

CloudCherry is about data from everywhere, for everyone. Our solution is readily integrable with leading third-party systems to derive deeper insights, and get a 360-degree-view of customer interactions.

Our integrations enable you to effectively close the loop on customer feedback, deliver personalized experiences, discover financial linkages and more.

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Proven Methodology

Our Customer Experience framework is a proven methodology of rolling out CX programs for global organizations, enabling the best response rates, actionable insights and business results.

Design powerful customer journey maps, provide training on best practices and create program alignment for effective decision making.

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Solutions That AccelerateBusiness Outcomes

Enterprise Feedback Management

CloudCherry’s Enterprise Feedback Management solution gives you the power to run unlimited surveys across multiple touchpoints to capture feedback. Monitor key performance metrics and get real-time alerts on feedback to proactively address customer issues.

Compare omni-channel experiences across multiple channels – website, in-store, mobile app, and more – to close gaps along the customer journey and create a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

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Voice of Customer

Our Voice of Customer solution makes customer feedback an indispensable part of your organization. Listen to and engage with customers across 17 various digital and physical touchpoints and close the feedback loop intelligently.

Identify and address systemic issues through root cause analysis of trends. Align your entire organization around an integrated view of customer experience, with personalized dashboards and goals to drive strategic improvements.

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Customer Experience Management

Our leading comprehensive CEM solution enables organizations to design, map, and analyze CX across end-to-end customer journeys. Readily integrate CX with operational data sources to get a complete understanding of customer behavior. 

Leverage machine learning to derive predictive insights, and establish ROI linkages that help you make profitable investments. Evolve your CX program by bringing together design and data, and build a continuous learning system.

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We Are The Future Of Customer Experience

Why CloudCherry is the best CX platform

We're well into the experience economy where it is about crafting and delivering customer experiences that don’t just create delight but also drive profitability. And our CX vision starts with understanding and mapping the complex journeys customers have today with your organization.

We are the first CX platform that leverages the power of predictive tools to create disruptive strategies, and build proactive experiences that drive ROI and growth. With our fully integrable solution, your organization gets an holistic view of customer data, making the Voice of Customer a driver of key business decisions, and closing the feedback loop effortlessly.

By bringing together journeys, predictive insights and flexible integrations to create organizational alignment around CX, link key customer metrics with business strategies, and identify financial linkages that accelerate business outcomes, we help you create a delightful world for each and every customer!

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The dashboard is incredible. No more manual manipulation of data for analysis. The CloudCherry team is incredibly professional and hard working. They are willing to work with us to provide us with the exact tool we want. This product is highly customizable which is what we were looking for.

Melissa Crowe | Senior Director, Quality & Business Continuity

The CloudCherry CX platform allowed us to collect feedback in real time, doing away with the cumbersome mystery shopping audits. I saw the commitment of CloudCherry as a partner as they were willing to customise the solution based on PUMA’s needs and improve the platform based on our feedback, which was very important for us in a dynamic retail environment

Jerome Rouch-Sirech | Head of Retail (SEA)

With CloudCherry’s product and their team, we have been able to understand customer needs immediately, take proactive action, and continue to refine our products and services to better meet the needs of our target customers. Our team is dedicated towards improving every single aspect in the customer’s journey with us.

Sanjiv Kapoor | Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer

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