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Customer Sentiment Mapping sets apart successful brands from the rest.
Cloudcherry empowers you with Real-Time Analytics and Reports generated automatically and on-demand to share with your entire organization.

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How do you get real-time insight?

Data is collected through customized feedback across multiple customer touch-points in multiple locations at the tap of a button. This makes your questions relevant & highly targeted to specific customer segments making insights more meaningful.

Email notifications alert you in real-time the very moment a customer provides feedback on the tablet. Pick specific questions, specific criteria and who should be alerted – so your staff can know when a customer rates service as poor or your manager can know if staff service is rated below average. Get alerted, know who the customer is and get a chance to address the issue with the customer in real-time = TRUE DELIGHT!

Strategic Insight to Drive Growth

Analyzing and Deep Diving into data collected across a time frame helps in deriving long-term insights and patterns in the preferences of your customers. Such as ‘50% of customers were delighted by my staff’s attitude in the North region’, ‘47% of customers were put off by long queues in the NCR store’, etc. which will help you take specific action, based on data that not just creates customer delight but also improves operational efficiency.

Mapping experiential data with Transaction data collected via CRMs and Loyalty Programs, is crucial to identify and study in-detail the purchase behavior and sentiment of your customers and tweak store parameters for a better customer experience – WHICH MEANS MORE SALES, MORE REVENUES AND MORE PROMOTERS.

Strategic insight to achieve long-term goals