Customer Analytics Software

Customer Analytics Software

Customer Analytics Dashboard is an extremely powerful mode of presenting critical information to all the stakeholders. Cloudcherry’s customer analytics software provides an at-a-glance view of the overall customer sentiment by presenting several metrics that affect customer experience in a single snapshot. You can customize the dashboard to view the metrics that matter the most to you and track them on an ongoing basis.

The Dashboard captures vital information such as total number of responses received, locations, the number of days responses are collected, Net Promoter ScoreSM, Customer Delight meter and many more. This provides a single snapshot view of the overall customer experience across multiple locations & touch-points, throughout the organization. The Dashboard also allows you to create your personalized views that highlight specific information.

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Assign Score Weight to set Delight Score
customer analytics software

One of the important advantages of the dashboard is that it bridges the gap between the operational & executive aspects of a customer experience management programme. For decisions to be in the best interest of an organization, it needs to be data-driven and this data comes from the multiple touch-points where the customers interact with the brand. The Dashboard is one place where all the collected responses for the feedback questionnaire are aggregated and represented as meaningful numbers that facilitate the decision-makers. It empowers the stakeholders with all that they need to rely and make decisions.

While we bring perception-based metrics such as the NPS® in the dashboard, several performance-based metrics can also be brought into the dashboard so that the dashboard contains a healthy mix of both these types of metrics. After all, performance drives perception. The metrics on the dashboard can be highly diagnostic in identifying process gaps. It identifies exactly what needs to be done in order to train the frontline employees in delivering a gold-standard customer experience.

The dashboard is highly useful & functional from an operational perspective too. Single-click reports that can be downloaded and saved, creation of subusers, adding new locations, creating new personalized views etc. are all a breeze. Maximum insight in minimum time is what the Dashboard strives to deliver.