User Management

User Management System

Assign permissions and roles for multiple stakeholders

Multi-Level, Role-Based Users

Create Sub-users in CloudCherry and assign customized and relevant views to specific roles. For instance, the Customer Experience Manager will have access to information for his KPIs and Store manager will see information on In-Store experiences specific to his location. The information flow will be seamless & streamlined so that the right information reaches the right person.
A Customer Experience Head or Chief Marketing Officer may be interested in viewing the overall performance metrics like NPS® and Delight Score. However, at an operational level, it is the specifics such as store ambiance, temperature and staff behavior that are of more relevance.

user management

Managers can actively work at increasing NPS® and Delight Scores

Use CloudCherry to set Alerts and Notifications for key questions. Create multiple sub-users and assign roles like Restaurant Managers, Store Managers and Area Managers. Configure Email or SMS notifications to be sent to specific roles. So, for example, the restaurant manager can be alerted as soon as a customer rates the food as ‘Poor’ and gets a chance to address the customer in real time before he leaves the restaurant, delights the customer and avoids creating a detractor for the brand.