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CloudCherry’s Customer Experience Management Analytics Platform enables brands and business owners across the world to integrate real-time acquisition of Customer Experience (CX) data from their customers, using multiple channels to acquire, engage and analyse.

Why Integrate Real-Time Data Collection and Analysis?

Because only with real-time data can you engage with your customers in an almost one-to-one basis
It gives you more than one opportunity to fix any and all service issues before it makes its way to the public eye and cause irreparable damage to your brand
It helps you understand your customers and how they perceive what you offer – so instead of spending top dollar on research, you can simply learn from our analysis and adapt them to your promised experience
To Drill Down data and perform a pre-impact risk analysis so you’ll know exactly what will delight your customers, instead of finding postmortem fixes
Save time by tracking enterprise-wide insights on a single dashboard to manage quality and deliver great service consistently across all your locations

How Can CloudCherry API Help You?

Bring your own front-end(app)

  • You want a really cool looking front-end app that resonates exactly with the cool factor of your brand? Do you have your own in-house design Guru? Integrate your own front-end with our enterprise analytics platform.

Bring your own channel

  • Are you restaurant chain owner and want to measure NPS® by the number of times your customers ring a bell in happiness? Get a raspberry pi to sit next to bell and accept rings as NPS® point score every time a customer is happy.

Bring your own dashboard

  • Are you looking for a custom-made or a proprietary way to visualize data? – Got a web developer to string together any visualization component to use the API? Well! You have it right there!

Add to your enterprise dashboard

  • Add a simple button to click-through to CloudCherry analytics using SSO (single sign on), your own IT team that manages the rest of the dashboard can do this in one line of code.

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