Delivering Customer Experiences that deliver Value
In any field, there are people who 'claim' to be good and then there are those that are actually good. The same holds true for businesses. You might think that your business is delivering great experiences to customers, but are...
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Customer Experience
Customer Experience in Crisis! How do you revive it?
Believe it or not, companies aren't doing a great job at Customer Experience. Forrester's 2017 CX Index for UK companies has revealed that customer experience quality has declined for most companies and verticals. The report even goes on to state...
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Customer Experience Management
The Dark Side of Customer Experience
In this digital age, data resides at the core of everything. Businesses use it to garner essential customer insights that allow them to create the delightful customer experiences and compete at the top level. While we have all heard about...
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The 10-step checklist to create Voice of Employee programs
Markets and businesses today are evolving rapidly. What doesn’t change is that building loyalty and retaining customers in the long-term is the only way brands can drive profitability. The attention span of customers is dwindling as a consequence of stiff...
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