While 2016 might not have been a year to remember in the celebrity world, it surely was one defining period for Businesses worldwide. A period where Customer Experience finally made it to the spotlight. There was a more open-minded adoption of customer-centric strategies that paved way for seamless omnichannel customer experiences, intelligent use of technology to make the customer journey more exciting, and efforts to build an internal culture based on customer centricity. And Customers, as expected, became more demanding, their expectations and standards continuing to rise steadily.

All through last year we made it a point to drive home the message of maintaining the focus on the customer through blogs, infographics, slideshares, and so on. Here’s our very best of CX blogs from 2016 – pieces that you readers found to be interesting and educative!

1. Customer Experience is the new Battlefield

Why should Customer Experience be your top focus going forward? And how much Business are you likely to miss out on by ignoring your customers and sticking to your old practises? We breakdown the importance of delivering a great customer experience, both from a revenue angle as well as a brand image & reputation angle.

2. 11 ways to exceed Customer Expectations

There’s a strong belief that when you go the EXTRA MILE with your Customers, they become Loyal Customers. Well, that’s true! And it’s proven by successful brands like Amazon, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, etc. And here are 11 ways for your Business to exceed expectations, deliver customer delight and build your own cult following!

3. How does the CRM+CEM duo add value to your Business?

Addressing the long-standing conundrum between Customer Relationship Management and Customer Experience Management. What is CRM? What is CEM? How much of both do you need to deliver value to customers?

4. 5 stats that prove Proactive Customer Service is a winner

Effective customer service leans more towards the proactive side. In fact, proactive customer service has a positive impact on customer loyalty. So, what are the different ways in which you can awaken this proactive side?


5. Why the Voice of the Customer is the Voice of God

A solid Voice of the Customer program is integral to your Customer Experience strategies. Because, without the Customers’ perspective on your Business, you’ll be designing experiences that pretty much go waste – do not align with customer expectations.

6. The Chief Marketing Officer is the new Superhero

The shift in the marketspace from product to experience has given a lift to the roles and responsibilities of the Chief Marketing Officer. In fact, the CMO now dons the hat of the customer – how does this shift affect your Business? Also, what are the advantages of having a more-powerful CMO?

7. Top 10 Customer Engagement Strategies [Infographic]

As attention spans keep coming down, driving customer engagement is becoming more of an uphill task. Not only do Businesses need to be creative but also stay relevant, on top of the current trends and create proactive engagement strategies that address specific market needs.

8. 13 killer Marketing tools for your Startup

Tight budgets, small office spaces, lean teams – startups keep going through hustle and bustle every single day. The struggle is real, but here are 13 Marketing Tools that can give you a much-needed helping hand, take some load off your daily schedule, and help do great stuff.

9. The formula to create an Amazing Customer Experience

While most brands preach customer centricity, only a handful of them are into the execution part. There’s a lot of talk, but little action. So, how can Companies come up with a tangible plan to plug this gap?

10. How closing the NPS loop improves Customer Retention

Collecting customer feedback is only one part of the solution. If you do not close the loop on feedback, it shows blatantly that you do not care about your customers. On the other hand, taking customer feedback into consideration and closing the NPS loop is the only way to keep rectifying your Brands’ mistakes and keep improving.

11. How to collect Customer Feedback via Emails [Infographic]

Although a bit underrated, Emails are an exciting option for Brands to solicit Customer Feedback. Not only can Customers give their opinion in a leisured manner, but Emails are less on-your-face types and less annoying than say when a staff asks/forces you to fill a feedback form at a store!

12. 9 simple steps to win back Irate Customers

There’s every reason to think that angered and disgruntled customers radiate a sort of nightmarish vibe for your Brand. But we’re here to say that you need to quash that line of thought. Use this opportunity to convert angry customers to delighted ones – and here’s how you can do it!

That’s quite some CX knowledge. And here’s wishing you a Happy 2017 – have an amazing year loaded with fun, happiness and joy! And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our blogs. There’s even more exciting content in store!


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