Customer Experience Software for the Education Sector

CEM best practices to improve Educational Experience

Of all the industries that exist in the business milieu, one of the most structure-sensitive ones is the Education sector. The Education Industry has maintained high consistency in terms of processes, the world over, across decades. There are the outliers that rebel against norms but that is true to any sector. However, with changing times it has become vital to...

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Is Customer Experience your Achilles heel?

Dear Customer Experience Enthusiasts, Listen to Yoda, we must. For these words ring true in every aspect of life just as much as it does in CX. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and nurture a culture of Customer Experience in your company, there is no looking back. You need to go all in to ensure that your customers...

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Customer Experience Competition

[Infographic] The race is all about Customer Experience!

Ever since customer experience entered the mainstream business world, the repercussions faced by Businesses have been massive. Price, product, and other differentiating aspects have taken a backseat. You can no longer WOW customers by throwing discounts at them. It's the experience that counts and businesses have started realizing this. In case you're still skeptical on this topic, we've compiled an...

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Sales and Customer Experience

Why Sales can fuel your Customer Experience goals

Great customer experiences don’t happen by chance. They’re built at every stage across the entire customer journey – right from marketing to customer support to sales... Yes, from Sales too! Despite being one of the most challenging roles in any organization, Sales often finds itself on the periphery of all the Customer Experience talk. There’s a common notion that sales...

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Customer Experience Domino Effect

The Domino Theory in Customer Experience

DISCLAIMER: The inspiration to guide your Customer Experience strategy is everywhere! Really… At least for us, it is! We’ve found inspiration to find the link between CX and cricket, basketball, Leonardo Di Caprio, Coldplay, Rajinikanth, Karma and even clichéd proverbs that we use frequently in our speech! And by that logic, the Domino Theory is no exception. Incredible as it...

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Customer Experience Resolutions 2017

The top 11 Customer Experience Resolutions for 2017

While 2016 was the year for companies to realize and accept that the customer takes precedence over everything else, 2017 is going to be 'ACTION' time. You need to start delivering great customer experiences or else be prepared to lose out to competitors. 2017 will see customers further UP their expectations, and that means your business should be equally up...

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Customer Experience

Our Best Customer Experience Blogs from 2016

While 2016 might not have been a year to remember in the celebrity world, it surely was one defining period for Businesses worldwide. A period where Customer Experience finally made it to the spotlight. There was a more open-minded adoption of customer-centric strategies that paved way for seamless omnichannel customer experiences, intelligent use of technology to make the customer journey...

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Customer Loyalty

13 stats that reveal the importance of Customer Loyalty [Infographic]

Loyal customers get you more (repeat!) business - that's a hard-hitting enough truth for your brand to invest in winning over customers. But unfortunately, customer loyalty often takes a backseat in the daily scheme of things. Not all brands have the passion to convert every prospective or first-time customer into a loyal customer and when you customers leave, your business...

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Anatomy of Apology

The Anatomy of Apology: How Businesses need to approach a ‘Sorry’

Apologies are almost always awkward. Whether you are apologizing to your mother for forgetting her birthday or to a client for committing to a deadline you always knew to be impractical - sentences that begin with “Listen…I’m sorry…” are invariably awkward. A lot of times, people resort to trying other tactics like over-compensating for the wrong-doing that they end up...

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Retail Customer Experience

[Infographic] Getting your Retail Brand prepped up for the Holiday Season

It's that time of the year when Retail Brands need to genuinely connect with their customers, delight them, also rack up their sales numbers and most importantly, do all this with extreme passion. But sometimes in the daily busy period of Christmas, the importance given to the customer is often neglected to a corner. But there's no doubt that the...

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