CloudCherry - Customer Experience Management Platform

How to Read the CloudCherry Dashboard?

How to Read the CloudCherry Dashboard? The CloudCherry dashboard is the first screen that you see on logging in. The dashboard displays a quick summary of all the key metrics that you need. This diagram explains all the elements in the dashboard, followed by an explanation. 1: Top Bar The bar at the top allows you to achieve a few...

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How to set up a CEM ChatBot on your website?

Presenting the CloudCherry CEM ChatBot – a dynamic, chat-based bot that allows customers to have a conversation with the brand. The CloudCherry CEM ChatBot simulates human conversation within a predetermined script, to which customers can share their feedback in a truly engaging manner, easily and immediately. What can you do with the CEM ChatBot? The CEM ChatBot won’t just compliment...

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How to make your first API Call in 2 minutes?

Here is our non-technical guide to make your first API Call in 2 minutes! - Visit - Click on "Explore CloudCherry API Live" - All the APIs that are live are displayed (excluding account management/beta ones) including documentation and specs (such as what input a call needs, and what output it will provide) on using it. - The Title...

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How to derive Customer Insights from a Trend Line

How to derive Customer Insights from a Trend Line?

The Trend Line refers to the representation of a trend. As the name suggests, “Trend” is associated with a particular cycle or period of time. We facilitate the users of the CloudCherry Customer Feedback App to explore and identify trends which will tell them, for instance, why the sales goes up/down, your footfall increases/decreases, information about season specific demand and...

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How to create and use a Net Promoter Score question-01

How to create and use a Net Promoter Score SM question?

NPS®: The one standard metric that enables businesses to measure customer loyalty. Bain & Company arrived at a simple, practical and easy to use question to measure what customers felt about brands, whether they were likely to recommend a brand or speak ill of it to their close circle that includes friends and family. With Cloudcherry, you can add the...

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How To Create A Question-01

How To Create A Question?

The building blocks of your feedback mechanism are the questions you ask your customers. With CC Cart, it’s easy to create questions of various types. For every question you enter, you can pick one of the following answer-types: - Single Response - Multiple Response - Text Entry - Rank by order - Date - Net Promoter ScoreSM You can also...

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How to integrate MailChimp into CloudCherry-01

How to integrate MailChimp® into CloudCherry

If you want to email your survey to a list of customers, you should consider integrating your survey with MailChimp. Here’s how to do it: 1. On the menu to the right of the screen, click Settings. 2. Scroll down to MailChimp® Digital Marketing API Link 3. If you don’t have an account with MailChimp, create one on 4....

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Group Question

How To Create Group Questions?

You might want to group related questions. Doing so would help you organize your questionnaire better, and also Here’s how to group related questions: 1. In the Questionnaire section, click 2. The following window opens: 3. When you begin typing your question, a new text box appears. 4. Enter a name for your group. As you begin typing this out,...

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How to create Web Surveys-01

How to create Web Surveys?

Improve Customer Feedback by integrating your survey into your website! Here‘s how you do it: 1. On your Dashboard, click on Token Management at the left hand side of the screen. 2. In the following screen, click 3. In the window that opens, set up the token for the web questionnaire. Tip: In order to be able to distinguish your...

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How to Create an Email Link Survey?

If you wish to email your survey to your customers, here’s how to do it: 1. On the menu to the right of the screen, click Token Management. 2. This is how The Token Management page looks like. 3. Click on In the window that opens, set up the token for an Email Questionnaire. Tip: In order to be able...

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