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One of the toughest challenges that Brands face today is to extract and make sense of the all the great things that their Promoters have to say about them as well as those not-so-nice comments that their Detractors push their way. It’s a common thing to see that Large, Medium and Small brands are ready to plunge into investing in a CEM platform to understand the customers’ journey across multiple touch-points and to improve their brand loyalty. But wait – there is a catch!

It is still a struggle for most brands to gather enough sample data that will get them a meaningful trend to look at. Spending a hefty amount on CEM will mean nothing if they are struggling to collect feedback from their customers. Think about it! Even the most intelligent CEM software cannot fetch you any insights unless you have meaningful data at your disposal.

So, what is the answer: Incentives! How many times in your life were you lured into doing something, hoping to get something in return for it? You see where we are going with this, don’t you! Your customers are no different from you. Gratification is something that we all look forward to. This is, of course, not new – This is an inherent quality that we humans possess. We like to be Incentivized. Retail, F&B, Hospitality Sector and others are all vying to walk that extra mile where their customers will feel privileged to leave their feedback when promised to get “something” in return.

This ‘something’ varies from industry to industry. From offering a complimentary dessert at your restaurant to providing some extra purchase points on your loyalty card; These incentives needn’t have to be extravagant or even expensive. Putting in a little bit of thought when it comes to deciding on what you want to offer as the incentive goes a long way in determining the success of this campaign.

It is no secret that brands across the globe are spending so much money as a part of their marketing spends. A part of the that could be designed to offer incentives to the customers who will offer valuable feedback on your brand. Dedicating a portion of your marketing expenses on incentivizing your customers for their feedback works so well as the feedback you receive from them is your golden goose. You have so much to learn and improve on, from it. This simple bait would also speak volumes to yur customers about how seriously you take your business and its reputation.. The customers will surely understand this and will in-turn do the same for you – talk about your brand!

A simple incentive will work wonders for your brand after you have run a campaign, came up with a different store, added new services or features. These are times when collecting feedback makes most sense as it gives you the chance to observe the efficacy of the development and its impact on your customers. Running an incentive-driven customer feedback collection campaign will not only generate a buzz around your brand but also will give you the authenticity of the developments that you just had.

So, one thing stands out – it is not the requisite of your customers to come and ask you to offer them a channel and give you a generous feedback. It is up to YOU as a brand and how agile you are to receive enough sample surveys and feedbacks that will help you to plan ahead and remain competitive.


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