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Founded 97 years ago, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the world’s oldest airline that is still operating under its original name. But this is trivia. What is of essence to us and truly amazing about this airlines company is the effort that goes into delivering value to their customers. In fact, ever so often, they do something so phenomenal for their passengers that social media goes bananas! Think about the pressure that comes with delivering original, let-me-blow-your-mind kind of experiences every. single. time. Phew! Oddly enough, they out do themselves each time and what caught our attention this time was their Bonding Christmas Buffet campaign!

KLM has proved repeatedly to the rest of the world that sometimes all it takes to deliver magical experiences is the experience in itself! We’ve picked out some of the key takeaways from KLM’s CX efforts over the years so that you too can DELIGHT customers with well-executed campaigns and genuinely puts a smile on their faces.

1. Catch them unawares

Sometimes keeping mum contributes heavily to the success of your campaign. In the context of the Bonding Christmas Buffer campaign, it was such a massive hit only because nobody expected to stumble upon such a lavish surprise! Knowing when to promote and when to let the campaign promote itself is key to your brand’s success as well as winning over customers.

2. Bridge the gap with emotions

As an airline, you are bound to have a mosaic of passengers flying with you. The target group is a melange. Instead of building experiences for each of them separately, unify them all by touching upon the commonality they share. The focus of this particular campaign was to make solo travellers feel at home during Christmas. That’s clever because emotions don’t discriminate! Coming up with a campaign that tackles a deeper issue and makes everyone happy at large – Winner!

3. Timing, timing, timing

If the three things that matter in Property are location, location, location then the three things that matter in customer delight are timing, timing, timing. One can only imagine how successful this campaign would have been had it been called the Bonding Thursday Evening buffet. The reason it was implemented during the holiday season was because everyone looks forward to spending that time with their loved ones. Timing was the primary reason as to why this Christmas campaign got the kind of response it did! Pick your timing right before you get to work and watch the magic unfold.

The fantastic thing about KLM, though, is that these guys are Customer Experience (CX) gurus! They’ve always come up with innovative campaigns with a bullseye success rate! In 2015, they “tied up with Santa” to spread joy amongst their passengers by gifting them something special!

In 2012, they upgraded unsuspecting economy travellers to business class (again, during Christmas) and that was just the beginning of an amazing trip.

And when it is not Christmas time, they just decide to do a little bit of spying on their passengers via social media to get a peek into their likes & interests and just like that, they surprise them with a gift! Don’t believe us? Watch this!

As Customer Experience professionals, such initiatives make us really happy! These are brands that have figured out the importance of investing in their customers and all the love is being reciprocated. They’ve wonderfully adapted to the omni-channel world and use social media platforms to engage and converse with their customers. Here’s another fun fact that makes them one of coolest airlines around – KLM is the world’s first airline to have their own 3D strategy game for iOS and Android which lets players experience, even if virtually, what it is like to manage an airline. (Source)


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