Customer Delight Measurement

Identify the key drivers that bring your brand experience up or down.

How can you Improve what you cannot Measure?

Customer Delight is what every brand aspires to achieve. Customers are no longer just looking to be satisfied with products and services, but expect delightful experiences. Customer Loyalty is a difficult asset to acquire and retain. CloudCherry helps Brands stay connected with the expectations of their customers by making Customer Experience Measurable.

There is now a way for Brands to quantify Customer Delight.
CloudCherry uses the responses and feedback collected from the customers, to calculate a unique score to measure customer delight – known as the CUSTOMER DELIGHT METER.

Omni-channel feedback software

Track, Measure and Improve your Delight Score Globally, in Real-Time
Compare scores between different locations to see what customers love or hate
A Reliable Metric from statistical models derived by our Insights Team, for Customer Experience Initiatives.
Drill into the data collected, find insights, make strategic changes and watch your Customer Delight Score GO UP LIKE A SMILE!

This is more than just your ‘average-based’ rating system. CUSTOMER DELIGHT METER is built on a statistical model by CloudCherry’s team of experts. So, the Customer Delight Score is a number on which brands can rely and take decisions.

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How Can CloudCherry Help You?

Real-time notifications

  • Set up real-time alerts and notifications based on customer responses and make your feedback actionable. Relevant stakeholders can receive an alert through SMS, Email or APIs to act on grievances as they happen, giving them the opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a delighted one.

NPS Measurement

  • Create custom NPS® indices -like NPS by Gender, Geography, Season, Festivals, Purchase Patterns and work towards improvement in each segment. Act on the insights and improve NPS at every point through the customer’s journey

Actionable Insights

  • There are powerful insights lying beneath your customer feedback data. Unravel them in real-time and take data-driven business decisions to continually improve your Customers’ Experiences with your brand.

Analytics Dashboard

  • The CloudCherry Customer Experience Dashboard is the one place to view all your customer feedback data. Be it your Delight Score, your NPS, and insights into those metrics, it’s all there. Customize this dashboard by creating your own Views and see this data by location, time, department or any other way you wish to.

What our delighted customers have to say

  • CloudCherry has addressed our main challenge of quick, efficient feedback collection and management. We are completely satisfied with the CloudCherry support team as they are always there for support and all our queries are quickly looked into and reviewed.
    Lola Adebiyi

    Lola Adebiyi

    Projects & Compliance Officer, University of Essex
  • The dashboard is incredible. No more manual manipulation of data for analysis. The CloudCherry team is incredibly professional and hard working. They are willing to work with us to provide us with the exact tool we want. This product is highly customizable which is what we were looking for.
    Melissa Crowe

    Melissa Crowe

    Senior Director, Quality & Business Continuity, Desert Schools
  • “CloudCherry helped us in understanding our customers. We are now largely focusing on the NPS metric and it has helped in organizing ourselves to serve our customers better.”
    Nirmal Lobo

    Nirmal Lobo

    National Sales Manager, Titan