Dialogues On Delight delighted MUMBAI!

Customer Experience Trends 2016

  • Dialogues on Delight is where Industry Leaders meet and discuss trends, technologies and all things relating to Customer Experience.

  • The supplier’s view (Through a survey among 31 CXOs across industry sectors).

  • The customer’s view (Using anonymized data of over 3 million responses from the CloudCherry platform in the last one year).

World over, brands are realizing that Customer Experience is the true game-changer for success today.
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CloudCherry’s dashboard is incredible! No more manual manipulation of data for analysis. This product is highly customizable which is what we were looking for. Moreover, the CloudCherry team is incredibly professional and hard working. They are willing to work with us to provide us with the exact tool we want.

Melissa Crowe

Senior Director Quality and Business Continuity, Desert Schools Federal Credit Union,