Customer Experience Management Software & Solutions

Customer Experience Management Solution

Helping brands understand customers and enhance their customer journey

Customer Experience Dashboard

Monitor your Brand’s Customer Delight Score in Real-Time. Our comprehensive Insights Dashboard is a must-view for CXOs to get an overall view of their Brand Experience. Monitor your Customer Delight Score, Net Promoter ScoreSM, and other Key Performance Indicators affecting Customer Experience, all in one single dashboard.

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified in Real-time, in case of exceptional or poor feedback, and act proactively to convert unhappy customers to delighted customers.

Recognize departments and employees that get exceptional feedback to drive employee empowerment. Assign specific alerts to the concerned departments and make sure customer delight is delivered consistently.

Smarter Feedback Surveys

Create a Smart Feedback Survey collection strategy that directly impacts Customer Experience. Collect feedback from customers at their convenience through their preferred channel – Smart devices, SMS, IVR, Email, Web, Pop-up surveys, Email Signature Surveys, QR Codes and more. Reach more customers with multilingual feedback options.

Customer Analytics and Insights

Customers are constantly providing insights on how to improve customer experience and where to invest – product, employee training and more. CloudCherry helps brands listen to its customers across various segments by adopting an omni-channel approach. The Real-Time Customer Analytics tool helps Brand Managers obtain actionable insights on how to start delivering Customer Delight!

Most Marketers and Brand Managers are getting transactional data on clicks, views and buying quantities. But what is missing is actual engagement with the customer – getting customers to talk to the brand, building a relationship and creating more customer evangelists. CloudCherry is an end-to-end Customer Experience Management platform that helps you intelligently listen to the voice of your customer by means of an omni-channel feedback collection system, supported by real-time notifications and actionable customer insights.

Be fully aware of Customer Aspirations and Needs

Discover customer behavioural trends and patterns

The Path to Customer Centricity

Enhance your Brand Strategy and win the hearts of your customers
by keeping the Voice of the Customer as the centrepiece. Collect customer feedback data at various touchpoints of interaction,
receive timely inputs through our real-time notifications,
map the customer journey across channels and obtain
insights into customer behavioural trends.

customer experience management

Here’s how leading brands are using CLoudcherry



Customer experience mapping across various touchpoints


Omni-channel Feedback collection

Omni-channel data collection across multiple channels of interaction


Make actionable NPS®

Dynamic and actionable NPS® model that increases brand loyalty


Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts on customer complaints and feedback


Insights into
Experential Data

Customer experience solution for businesses belonging to all verticals



And lots more

Helping Brands get closer to the world of Customer Delight

Customer Experience Mapping using the right software helps assess the overall organizational efficiency in meeting consumer expectations, delivering on the brand promise, studying customer touchpoints and increasing customer engagement. Brands also get to discover customer insights and create tangible action plans to make a difference in the customers’ lives.

CloudCherry’s Omni-channel multilingual feedback collection tool leverages channels such as email, web, SMS, tablets, email signatures, IVR, mobile apps and more to ensure that the Voice of the Customer is at the heart of strategies and decision-making processes. This empowers brands with volumes of customer data to deliver a consistently delightful experience and create brand evangelists.


CloudCherry is more than a simple survey tool. Use CloudCherry powered surveys to collect Feedback Data from your customers and leverage metrics such as NPS®, CloudCherry’s unique Customer Delight Score and much more to derive actionable Insights.