Customer Experience Management

Delight your customers across every single interaction they have with your brand

Customers are constantly ‘journeying’ with your brand – on your website, your mobile app, your stores, at their homes, through email, on social media, the list could go on! And across this journey, every single customer of yours is expecting an experience that’s consistent, and consistently great. With CloudCherry, you get the definitive, real-time, omni-channel Customer Experience Management Software Platform that helps you track, measure and improve each of these experiences and create a delightful one for your brand.

Why Manage Customer Experience?

Customers use physical & digital channels seamlessly in their journeys with the brand.
Customer experience at every touchpoint with the brand is important.
A single unhappy customer can spoil a brand’s reputation using social media.
Traditional disjointed efforts at managing customer experience are now obsolete.
Customer experience is the last frontier for differentiation, and difficult to copy.
Millennials care a lot more about great experiences.

Customer Experience Management is no longer a choice for firms. It is the core around which modern firms are built.

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How Can CloudCherry Help You?

Identify your key touchpoints by mapping your customer’s journey

  • Know where and how your customers interact with you design a Customer Experience plan
  • Identify the perfect channels for each of those touchpoints

Create questionnaires for each of your touchpoints & channels

  • Create relevant questionnaires that address each interaction
  • Share the questionnaires with your customers across each of these channels

Track and measure your key metrics

  • Know your Net Promoter Score®, Customer Effort Score, and our unique Customer Delight Score
  • Deep dive into the metrics and discover what’s driving them up or down

Address issues and close the loop with your customers across every channel

  • No matter where you discover an issue from, get it all on one dashboard to find and fix
  • Bring your entire organization in line with your Customer Experience program

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