What is Customer Satisfaction or CSAT?

Customer Satisfaction OR CSAT is the measure to understand the overall strength of an interaction between a brand and its customers/users. The measure becomes a leading indicator to brands on how well they are meeting their customers’ needs and expectations. The measure is usually on a 5-point satisfaction scale (Extremely Satisfied - Extremely Dissatisfied).

Customer Satisfaction is widely used and is one of the leading indicators of customer loyalty and purchase intentions, along with other metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES).

What is <span>Customer Satisfaction</span> or <span>CSAT? </span>


CloudCherry gives you flexibility to measure CSAT the way you want. You can customize the question that will best assess customer satisfaction for your brand through the question builder. You also give every customer the opportunity to give feedback at their convenience, across the whole or substantial part of the customer journey with your brand on any of our 17 channels using scheduled or trigger-based customer satisfaction surveys.

Not just capturing feedback but assessing and analyzing insights is also a breeze with CloudCherry. From creating customized views for your reports, charts and metrics, automating smart notifications based on conditions or automating tickets to be created for low CSAT ratings, to our dynamic drill down dashboards for root cause analysis, and all of this in Real Time.

CloudCherry Survey notifications are designed to give you complete control and flexibility to act on the feedback the way you want in real time! Because when customers give feedback they want to know you are listening!

CSAT Segments

Customer Satisfaction can be viewed as Pie Charts or Doughnut Charts on our Dashboard.

Custom Dashboards can be created for different departments and roles to benchmark segment-wise CSAT Scores with overall company scores.

CSAT Segments

Score cards

Advanced analytics and insights Dashboards can be used to drill down into Customer Satisfaction scores and understand customer expectations across different aspects.

CloudCherry also gives scorecards for every aspect that is assessed in customer satisfaction surveys and can be used to created customer satisfaction goals and KRAs across the company to build customer-centricity.

CSAT Segments

Make your CSAT actionable

CloudCherry helps in making CSAT actionable. Create a survey alert for everytime someones gives a “Very Dissatisfied” rating on a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Route the notification to a specific department or role, or even create a ticket to track and solve the problem for your customer.

Customer Satisfaction happens through continuous assessment and through the actions we take to implement our learnings. CloudCherry is designed to help you do this in the fastest and most efficient way.

Make your CSAT actionable

Use CloudCherry to Track, Assess and Improve Customer Satisfaction

We don’t just give you a powerful platform, we provide the best team and assistance that guarantees to Delight!

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