Our Customer Experience Survey tool is here to help you deliver the BEST Customer Experience and spread delight!

           Customer Experience Tool ! Why ?

Bad Customer Experience makes you 4 times more vulnerable to Churn. It's time to fix this, Now.

Features that will make you love our platform.

Incredible Features

View all your customer data like NPS, Customer Delight Score, Customer Sentiment, etc. on a single platform.

Real-time actionable insights

One Unified Platform

Fully Customizable

Our Customer Experience tool allows you to send out real-time notifications to the most relevant staff so you can fix the issue immediately.

Personalize your dashboard at every step. Different views for CEOs, CMOs, Store Managers, etc.

With CloudCherry brands collect customer experience through feedback, social listening and emails on one dashboard in real time. Use the feedback to track metrics like Net Promoter Score, Customer Delight Score and Customer Sentiment. 

With CloudCherry Customer Experience Management Platform, brands can act upon the feedback and engage with customers in real time to interject negative reviews on social media and online review sites. Easy reports configured for different departments like marketing, customer service etc help identify most liked/disliked aspects and drill down on reasons impacting customer happiness.

With CloudCherry brands are able to understand customers better and make informed decisions with easy to use CloudCherry Customer Insight Dashboard.

What we do?


"The dashboard is incredible. No more manual manipulation of data for analysis.The CloudCherry team is incredibly professional and hard working. They are willing to work with us to provide us with the exact tool we want. This product is highly customizable which is what we were looking for."

Melissa Crowe

Senior Director, Quality and Business Continuity

Desert School

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