The experience you provide your users is the experience they provide theirs!

CloudCherry's Customer Experience Platform is an Easy, Cost-Effective and Powerful means to listen to subscribers and engage with them seamlessly.

Take Control of your User Journey

Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map
What is the first impression that we are giving about our brand online?
Online sales are growing. Are our customers happy with their experience?
  • Collect feedback via website & pop-up microsurveys
  • Listen actively on Social Media to understand what your prospects are saying!
  • Track NPS & drill down into feedback to get actionable insights
Why do customers prefer us to others?
Are our sales presentations effective?
  • Collect feedback using a QR code on your tender document!
  • Get feedback on sales presentations
  • Engage with your customers, understand them better and follow up on their feedback!
Are we making it easy for customers to place orders?
Email is a good way to reach out to B2B and industrial customers.
  • Send out feedback requests on email
  • Access insights from feedback on our mobile app
  • Monitor and classify sentiment of text feedback automatically.
Are customers happy with our delivery performance?
I am not sure if we are catering to specific requests of customers on delivery?
  • Send out feedback requests along with emailed invoices.
  • Setup Views with specific feedback that you want to see.
  • Schedule automated reports at the date and time of your choice.
We offer so many products. There is a lot of opportunity to cross-sell to satisfied customers.
We must act on feedback immediately to improve ourselves.
  • Measure satisfaction using powerful metrics like NPS, CES and CDM.
  • Run feedback based campaigns for cross-selling products.
  • Open tickets automatically for poor feedback and follow-up.


  • Track and improve Net Promoter Score® in real time
  • Collect subscriber feedback across 17+ channels
  • Get a holistic view of subscriber data on a centralized dashboard
  • Drill down into data to unravel insights and trends about your subscribers
  • Close the feedback loop through an effective ticketing system
As a customer-centric brand, we are all about a great Customer Experience. And with CloudCherry, we get the perfect tool to understand these experiences after every customer interaction – be it on our website, in our stores or during delivery. CloudCherry makes CEM easy, delightful and truly actionable.
Mithun Sacheti

Mithun Sacheti

Founder & CEO, Caratlane

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