Is your guest experience resulting into extra nights or early check-outs?

CloudCherry's Guest Experience Platform is an Easy, Cost-Effective and Powerful means to listen to guests and engage with them seamlessly.

Take Control of your Guest Journey

Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map
Are we creating a great impression online?
We should know what our customers are saying about us on social media.
  • Collect feedback via website & pop-up microsurveys.
  • Listen actively on Social Media to understand what your prospects are saying!
  • Run customized marketing campaigns based on feedback.
What do customers feel about our new mobile booking app?
Are we providing a great booking experience on third party websites?
  • Collect usability feedback on your mobile app.
  • Send feedback requests along with reservation confirmation emails.
  • Create engaging surveys using our Question Builder.
Arrival Check-in
How effective am I at making guests feel welcomed?
I would like to use NPS and compare ourselves with the industry NPS benchmark.
  • Make every guest feel special by acting on their feedback in real-time.
  • Use metrics like NPS to assess check-in experience.
  • Setup Views with specific feedback that you want to see.
Are guests satisfied with the housekeeping quality and efficiency?
It will be great to get feedback on the new menu at our coffee shop.
  • Monitor and classify sentiment of text feedback automatically.
  • Open tickets automatically for poor feedback and follow-up.
  • Automated scheduled feedback reports delivered to your email.
We need to capture feedback for external service providers like taxi services.
I would like to access feedback insights when I am traveling.
  • Analyze real time metrics on our centralized dashboard.
  • Access insights from feedback on our mobile app.
  • Replace your ‘Guest Feedback Book’ with a connected tablet.


  • Track and improve Net Promoter Score® in real time
  • Collect guest feedback across 17+ channels
  • Get a holistic view of guest data on a centralized dashboard
  • Drill down into data to unravel insights and trends about your guests
  • Close the feedback loop through an effective ticketing system
As a customer-centric brand, we are all about a great Customer Experience. And with CloudCherry, we get the perfect tool to understand these experiences after every customer interaction – be it on our website, in our stores or during delivery. CloudCherry makes CEM easy, delightful and truly actionable.
Mithun Sacheti

Mithun Sacheti

Founder & CEO, Caratlane

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