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CloudCherry's Customer Experience Platform is an Easy, Cost-Effective and Powerful means to listen to customers and engage with them seamlessly.

Take Control of your Customer Journey.

Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map
We need feedback on our website from customers.
Is our marketing communication being liked by customers?
  • Collect feedback via website & pop-up microsurveys
  • Capture feedback on events using tablets, on the spot.
  • Listen actively on Social Media to understand what your prospects are saying.
Evaluate & Purchase
How is my sales team doing?
How is our new mobile app helping customers?
  • Feedback via in-app surveys for mobile experience.
  • Measure NPS for features which aid customers in making choices.
  • Monitor and classify sentiment of text feedback automatically.
Are we meeting customer expectations on delivery time?
Are third party delivery companies delivering the experience that we do?
  • Use Email or SMS surveys after first time usage.
  • Engage with your customers, follow up on their feedback and understand them better!
  • Setup notifications for dissatisfied customers and act on feedback in real-time!
Are our products performing as per customer expectations?
Do customers like the new feature we added last month?
  • Capture product feedback using QR codes.
  • Analyze real-time metrics on our centralized dashboard.
  • Ensure a consistent customer experience through our real-time insights and customizable views.
What is the difference in satisfaction on after sales service at different outlets?
What do customers feel about our new waiting lounges?
  • Capture service feedback anonymously using email or SMS.
  • Allow customers to highlight great service and honor those employees.
  • Setup campaigns for satisfied customers, with offers on new products.


  • Track and improve Net Promoter Score® in real time
  • Collect customer feedback across 17+ channels
  • Get a holistic view of customer data on a centralized dashboard
  • Drill down into data to unravel insights and trends about your customers
  • Close the feedback loop through an effective ticketing system
CloudCherry has addressed our main challenge of quick, efficient feedback collection and management. We are completely satisfied with the CloudCherry support team as they are always there for support and all our queries are quickly looked into and reviewed.
Lola Adebiyi

Lola Adebiyi

Projects & Compliance Officer, University of Essex

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