The best prescription you can give your patients is a great experience with you!

CloudCherry's Patient Experience Platform is an Easy, Cost-Effective and Powerful means to listen to patients and engage with them seamlessly.

Take Control of your Patient Journey

Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map
What is the first impression that we are emanating about our brand online?
What do professionals think about our online booking feature?
  • Collect feedback via Website & Pop-up surveys.
  • Measure powerful metrics like NPS, CES and CDM.
  • Listen actively on Social Media to understand what your prospects are saying!
What do patients feel about the accuracy and effectiveness of our diagnosis?
Experience of patients and their family members is critical to our success.
  • Use Email or SMS surveys after consultation and diagnosis.
  • Measure powerful metrics like NPS, CES and CDM.
  • Also, solicit text-based feedback from patients to get their exact perception of your diagnosis methods
Can we access all feedback data in one single place?
We need feedback on the changes we recently made in the admission process.
  • Analyze real time metrics on our centralized dashboard.
  • Add additional feedback questions for a short period of time.
Can I drill down into the root causes that impact Net Promoter Score?
We have a ‘Feedback Book’ but it is too cumbersome to use.
  • Replace your Visitor’s Book with a tablet. Monitor and classify sentiment of text feedback automatically.
  • Engage with your patients, follow up on their feedback and understand them better!
How is the payment experience, especially with insurance?
It takes a long time to make feedback reports.
  • Ensure a consistent patient experience through our real-time insights and customizable views feature.
  • Access insights from feedback on our mobile app.


  • Track and improve Net Promoter Score® in real time
  • Collect patient feedback across 17+ channels
  • Get a holistic view of patient data on a centralized dashboard
  • Drill down into data to unravel insights and trends about your patients
  • Close the feedback loop through an effective ticketing system
CloudCherry has drastically improved our turnaround time and has made us realize our philosophy of Patient Satisfaction. We now have access to customer data from all our locations, across the whole country, on a single dashboard. No more retrospective problem resolution. Only proactive service! Life is different since CloudCherry happened to us!
Vinesh Gadhia

Vinesh Gadhia

Chief Operations Officer, Nova IVI Fertility

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