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CloudCherry's Customer Experience Platform is an Easy, Cost-Effective and Powerful means to listen to consumers and engage with them seamlessly.

Take Control of your Customer Journey

Customer Journey Map Customer Journey Map
What is the first impression that we are emanating about our brand online?
How do I measure the impact of festive displays on customer experience?
  • Collect feedback via Website & Pop-up microsurveys
  • Use powerful metrics like NPS, CES and CDM
  • Listen actively on Social Media to understand what your potential customers are saying!
How do I measure and improve the in-store experience?
How do I stay in touch with customer expectations for my brand?
  • Gather feedback via tablets or smartphone
  • Track NPS & drill down into feedback to get actionable insights
  • Engage with your customers, understand them better and follow up on their feedback!
How do I find out the driving factor that makes consumers purchase from us?
How do I improve my online reputation?
  • Use pop-up surveys while customers are on your website.
  • Understand why customers load shopping carts, but exit without buying.
  • Monitor satisfaction with payment experience.
Demos are critical for our success. But how do I measure its effectiveness?
How do I measure the impact of our work on customer satisfaction?
  • NPS and CSAT surveys on tablets or SMS to monitor experience
  • Ability to resolve issues of dissatisfied customers in real time
  • Ability to analyze monthly trends over the long term
After-Sales Service
We need to measure satisfaction on after-sales service for our private labels.
We provide after-sales service for all brands retailed by us. We need to know how we are doing.
  • Analyze real time metrics on our centralized dashboard
  • Ensure a consistent customer experience through our real time insights and customizable views.
  • Save over 80% of your time through automated feedback reports!


  • Track and improve Net Promoter Score® in real time
  • Collect customer feedback across 17+ channels
  • Get a holistic view of customer data on a centralized dashboard
  • Drill down into data to unravel insights and trends about your customers
  • Close the feedback loop through an effective ticketing system
CloudCherry helped us in understanding our customers. We are now largely focusing on the NPS metric and it has helped in organizing ourselves to serve our customers better.
Nirmal Lobo

Nirmal Lobo

National Sales Manager, Titan

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