Multichannel Feedback Survey Software 

Multichannel feedback collection

Collect Responses Across Multiple Touchpoints

Multichannel Feedback Survey Software

Customers interact with brands through different channels or touchpoints. Mapping the customer journey across all channels is crucial in getting insights on overall customer experience. You can create questionnaires and collect responses across several channels such as:

  • Paper feedback forms
  • Tablet surveys
  • Web surveys
  • Email surveys
  • SMS surveys
  • IVR surveys
  • QR Code surveys
multichannel feedback survey software
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Customers are on a journey with your brand and it is important to engage with them across multiple channels. Multichannel feedback collection is aimed at empowering brands with the ability to collect feedback from their customers, no matter what their touchpoint of interaction with a brand is.

Traditional methods of collecting customer experience feedback through comment cards, visitor books and paper feedback forms has almost become a thing of the past. In this tap-as-you-go age, digital feedback has taken the sweet spot that paper surveys once used to enjoy. It is a lot more easy to collect, collate and centralize feedback data when it is digital.

Brands that desire to stay ahead and relevant in today’s times, need a Multichannel Feedback Survey Software to ensure a seamless customer experience across multiple touchpoints. Our feedback platform can be leveraged to understand and dissect The Interaction between Brands and Customers across numerous touchpoints and use the derived insights to make the experience delightful.