Net Promoter Score

Nurture Customer Loyalty by understanding your customers better!

Brands around the world are using the Net Promoter Score® as the go-to metric of Customer Satisfaction. If you’re looking to start tracking NPS for your brand, or are looking for a tool to do not just that but more, look no further than CloudCherry.

Give your customer a great experience and you’ve got yourself a Promoter. One who’s willing to go out and tell the world about how delightful you are. This doesn’t come with luck. It comes with consistent, measured actions, which you’ll be able to manage and track with CloudCherry’s NPS Management solution.

Why does NPS matter?

Puts the customer in the forefront of your brand’s success
A simple, easy, actionable metric to measure
Just one question that can say so much about what your customers feel
A globally accepted metric with benchmarks to compare against
Drives action and pushes you to improve organization-wide

Know how many of your customers are willing to come back, and increase
profitability through word-of-mouth referrals from those customers

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Why CloudCherry is the perfect NPS measurement tool for you

Get your Net Promoter Score Survey out in less than 60 minutes!

Run the survey across customer interactions, and discover your score for all channels

See a single score for your brand, or set your custom filters to discover granular NPS scores

Only with CloudCherry do you get to go deeper and discover why you got the score

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