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Customers, across the globe, have the same expectation from a brand – to be delighted. And we believe that brands are looking for a simple, yet insightful product to track, measure, improve and understand customer experiences.

We offer a host of partnership opportunities, be it as an exclusive country partner, or an affiliate partner to

Premium Partner Program

What you get

The opportunity to represent a product that brands around the world already love

  • Exclusivity of representing Cloudcherry in your City, Region or Country (subject to proven success)
  • Attractive commission structure on sale
  • Dedicated partner access to the Cloudcherry product, with ability to track and manage your sales, commissions, set discounts, offer promos and more
  • Early & BETA access to new features
  • Complete product and sales training

Are you the right partner for us?

The first thing that we look for in the right partner is the drive, passion and belief in what we do – and the pride and confidence that you’re representing a world-class product.

Now down to the brass tacks – We’d love for you to be directly dealing with or have access to customer-facing business verticals – Retail, Automotive, Banking, Beauty & Wellness, Hospitality, F&B.

We’d love for you to ideally be represented as a company, and not as an individual.

If you are an individual and would still like to represent Cloudcherry, please do check out our Affiliate Partner program.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, and need more information, feel free to write to us at

Our Premium Partners around the world


Allam Advisory Group
Ottawa, Canada
Represented by
Omar Allam & Sabir Mufti
Get in touch
call: +1 613.909.0095
South Africa

Taleo Consulting
Johannesberg, South Africa
Represented by
Darshan Padayachee
Get in touch
call +27.061.1767.409