Omnichannel feedback software

“How many Customers are leaving your Brand for a Better Experience?”

Get NPS® and other SUCH insights, DELIGHT your customers and turn them into Loyal Promoters!

Customer Delight Measurement

Delight is now a METRIC to “Track and Improve”

For the first time ever, get a Measurable Score for Delight, using
Cloudcherry Customer Delight Meter. Use the Delight Score to rank your touchpoints on Customer Delight, and identify WHY your customers are your Promoters or Detractors. Action it and make “Delight” your only Customer Sentiment and watch the Delight Score SOAR!
Customer Delight Measurement Delight is now a metric
omnichannel feedback software

Omnichannel feedback software

Online. Offline. And on every other line

Create your own questionnaire and collect real-time feedback using our omnichannel feedback software from your customers in stores, at their doorstep, through Email, SMS, QR Codes, your call centre, on your website, and even IVRS. So, no matter where you are in the customer’s journey, you’ll always know what they think about you.

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Real-time notifications

Set up real-time alerts and notifications based on customer responses and make your feedback actionable. Relevant stakeholders can receive an alert through SMS, Email or APIs to act on grievances as they happen, giving them the opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a delighted one.

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NPS® Measurement

Capture NPS® at every interaction point

Create custom NPS® indices -like NPS® by Gender, Geography, Season, Festivals, Purchase Patterns and work towards improvement in each segment. Act on the insights and improve NPS® at every point through the customer’s journey

Gather key insights on Net Promoter ScoreSM

Actionable Insights

Make your data work for you

There are powerful insights lying beneath your customer feedback data. Unravel them in real-time and take data-driven business decisions to continually improve your Customers’ Experiences with your brand.

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Comprehensive Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Insightful. Powerful. Customizable

The Cloudcherry Customer Experience Dashboard is the one place to view all your customer feedback data. Be it your Delight Score, your NPS®, and insights into those metrics, it’s all there. Customize this dashboard by creating your own Views and see this data by location, time, department or any other way you wish to.

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Role-based user management

Right insights for the right people

When it comes to Customer Experience Management, different roles have different KPIs and not every insight can be meaningful or relevant to everybody. Your CXO and your Store Manager have different priorities and levels of authority. Manage this with ease by giving each person just the right level of access to data.

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omni-channel feedback

Customizable Questionnaires

Create. Edit. Modify. On the fly

Set up your own survey questionnaire in a matter of minutes. Create questions with icons, ratings, conditional workflows, time settings, tags, custom analytical weightages and more. Share the questionnaire across every channel with the push of a button. Make a change and it gets updated right away.

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