CloudCherry is your simplest tool to manage customer experience.

Real-Time {Insights}

Real-Time Insights

Discover insights through deep understanding of customer feedback.

Interpret feedback any way you want. Add filters relevant to your situation like location, time, date, day and age of respondent, NPS®; there are no limits! Feeling lazy? Just click on the charts and drill down into real-time data to discover insights.

Custom {Reports}

Custom Reports

Feedback & customer experience reports, as you like it.

Every employee in the company should be able to view feedback that is relevant for them. The CEO needs a high-level summary report whereas the store manager needs insights specific to his/her store. With CloudCherry, it is easy to customize reports and schedule delivery at regular intervals. Lack of data will never be a problem again!

Department {Roles and Views}

Department Roles and Views

To each his own.

Start the journey to becoming a highly customer-centric firm by providing relevant feedback data to everyone in the company. The store manager gets feedback related to his store. The website manager gets feedback related to the company website. The CXO gets overall performance metrics like NPS and CDM. Only with the right input (data), you can get the right output (action to improve customer experience).


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