CloudCherry is your simplest tool to manage customer experience

{Real-Time} Notifications

Real-Time Notifications

Instant alerts and notifications based on feedback!

Get the opportunity to turn a bad experience into a memorable one. Use our Notifications feature to set up real-time alerts for relevant people in your company. For example, a restaurant manager can be alerted when a customer rates an experience as ‘Poor’. The manager can communicate with the customer immediately to understand the issue, assure immediate action to improve and also offer an appropriate compensation for the bad experience. This is the CX Ambulance at work!

Ticketing & {Call Centre}

Ticketing & Call Centre

Automatic, condition-triggered ticket creation!

Take feedback to its logical conclusion by using our Ticketing & Call Centre modules. Close NPS® loops with customers by addressing issues raised by them immediately (Inner Loop). Study the feedback over the long-term and make structural changes to your products and services (Outer Loop).

Feedback-Based {Campaigns}

Feedback-Based Campaigns

Surprise your customers with tailor-made offers based on their feedback

Imagine the delight on a customer's face who receives a tailor-made offer based on the feedback they've given. It would make them feel special, wouldn’t it? CloudCherry integrates easily with services like MailChimp allowing you to use feedback data to run custom campaigns. For example, a customer who indicates a lack of product range at one of your smaller stores can be offered a discount at one of your larger physical stores or at your online e-commerce site.

Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop

Implement both Inner and Outer Loop with CloudCherry

For maximum impact of your CEM program closing the loop on customer feedback is crucial. Brands that have an effective organization wide process to implement inner loop for individual departments and outer loops that are run by Customer Experience Managers or Chief Customer officers see a steady increase in NPS.


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