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Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

Easily implement NPS in your organization!

You can easily create an NPS index for the whole company or customized NPS indices - by department, product, time, location, or any other parameter of your choice. CloudCherry also offers a Sentiment Analysis tool to analyze the qualitative reasons given by customers for a particular NPS rating. Act on these insights and improve your customer experience as well as NPS.

Customer Satisfaction, {CES & More!}

Customer Satisfaction, CES & More!

No matter which feedback metric you choose to use, CloudCherry will enable its implementation easily, within minutes. If you have a legacy feedback mechanism that works for you, like a 5-point customer satisfaction score, you can implement it using CloudCherry. You can also implement new metrics like the Customer Effort Score (CES).

{CDM:} Customer Delight Meter

CDM: Customer Delight Meter

Our very own metric for measuring delight

There is now a way for Brands to quantify Customer Delight. CloudCherry uses the feedback collected from customers to calculate a unique score, the CUSTOMER DELIGHT SCORE. The Customer Delight Meter is not just an ‘average-based’ rating system. CDM is calculated from a proprietary statistical model developed by CloudCherry. Measuring it allows you to track and take action to improve your customer experience.

Automated {Sentiment Analysis}

Automated Sentiment Analysis

Convert any amount of qualitative feedback into actionable insights easily

Complexity & effort involved in analyzing qualitative comments from customers is a thing of the past! No matter what type of comment, CloudCherry can aggregate, quantify the sentiment behind the opinion, and also analyze and present it to you. This feedback can be compiled from any source; surveys, website feedback forms, social media, etc. What’s more, the results are available in real-time for making immediate decisions.


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