CloudCherry is your simplest tool to manage customer experience.

Cloudcherry {Dashboard}

Cloudcherry Dashboard

The One-View of feedback & customer experience.

Feel like a pilot steering your CX plane with our dashboard! All the critical
metrics like NPS®, CDM, Sentiment Analysis, Most-Liked Parameter, and Least-Liked Parameter in one centralized location. The dashboard is customizable; show exactly what is relevant for different people in the organization. Whether you are using a PC, desktop or mobile, the dashboard updates all metrics in real time.

{Insight Centre} Mobile App

Insight Centre Mobile App

Feedback in your palm.

There is no need to reach out for your laptop when you are discussing
customer experience. View feedback in real-time on your smartphone and stay on top of your game from anywhere in the world. What’s more, the views can be
customized for each department or person so that everyone in the company views what is relevant for them.

Scheduled {Reports}

Scheduled Reports

Track feedback and customer experience like your sales and expenses.

Many internal reports are circulated regularly. Sales targets and achievements, expenses compared to budget, margins earned by product, capacity utilization of plant, and so on. What about customer feedback and/or customer experience? Place feedback and customer experience at the center of your organization by getting scheduled reports from CloudCherry on your PC, desktop or mobile. Use this to conduct reviews and take appropriate action.


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