Real Time Customer Feedback

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Real-Time Customer Feedback

Timing is everything! An entire Experience can be turned around from Negative to Positive, a potential Detractor can be converted into a Promoter instantly, Provided the Customer has a way to communicate grievances, and Brands have a way of listening in real time. This is exactly the advantage Cloudcherry’s Email and SMS real-time Alerts and Notifications provide to Brands.

Feedback collected through Email, Web, SMS, IVR, Tablet or any other Cloudcherry Data Collection Channel, gets fed in real time to the central dashboard. Role-Based Alerts can be configured based on the responses. For example, it is possible to set real-time SMS & Email notifications to the Store Manager, the Branch Manager or any other staff to be notified when a customer gives a poor rating on NPS®. The Manager gets to know in real time that the customer is unhappy with the product or service while he is within reach. This gives you an opportunity to fix the issue right away- by acknowledging and addressing the problem and acting upon it, letting the customer know that your Brand cares about the Customer and his Experience with the Brand.

 real time customer feedback
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Gain Control over your Online Reputation

Negative sentiment can go viral in minutes in the online world, spiraling out of control given the easy access to social media and various online review sites. Cloudcherry Notifications empower Brands to proactively manage their online reputation by acting on a real-time alert and addressing customer grievance promptly, gaining an opportunity to turn customer distress into customer delight before they get a chance to go online with their woes.

Real-time notification and alerts set for customer responses to feedback questionnaires, help in maintaining the online reputation of the brand. Not just that, it is a great opportunity to turn a possible detractor to a promoter greatly impacting your NPS® and Delight Score.