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Sentiment Analysis Software and Tool

Most brands today are eager to find out the how delighted or displeased customers are after each brand interaction or experience. For this reason, brands ask questions such as “Describe your experience with our brand today?”. These are open-ended questions; questions that practically require the customer to express their opinion in words. Now, while close-ended questions – that ask for ratings on a given scale – can be easily analyzed as the responses are quantifiable, the same cannot be said about open-ended questions. So, how can Brands analyze unstructured free-text data they collect from customers?

In Real-time

Analyze customer sentiment behind unstructured free-text responses and project it to the Store Manager in real-time, as soon as customers register their feedback.
If the sentiment is negative, then it means that the customer is comparatively unhappy with the experience.
Our platform provides you with every single opportunity to compensate for such poor customer experiences even before the customer walks out of the store.

Capture Customer Sentiment on multiple channels – Smart devices, Tablets, Web and Email surveys, IVR, QR Codes, Paper surveys – to record a well-rounded perspective of the customer journey and add more credibility to the type of sentiment captured. By being present wherever your customers are, brands can precisely analyze customer emotions and optimize the customer experience accordingly.

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How Can CloudCherry Help You?

Drive up Profits and skyrocket Brand Growth

  • Highly positive customer sentiment is an indicator that customers are willing to spend more money with your brand because they like the experience you offer. Over a period of time, these customers become repeat customers and major drivers of your profitability.

Link Customer Sentiment to Customer Loyalty

  • By measuring Customer Loyalty and Customer Sentiment hand in hand, brands can draw a parallel between the two and discover insightful customer trends. Positive customer sentiment usually results in positive word-of-mouth publicity whereas negative sentiment leads to higher customer churn.

Save up Big on Resources

  • In an age where Brands spend a fair portion of their resources on customer experience management, CloudCherry’s platform does not require any additional investment in terms of dedicated equipment or personnel. No more redundant costs to bear and customer delight delivered!

Close the Loop on Customer Feedback

  • Making Customer Sentiment actionable is more about following up on customer feedback. Our sentiment analysis software helps you do just that. By decoding customer sentiment on each free-text response, your business can address specific issues & let customers know that you are indeed listening to them!

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