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Survey Questionnaire

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Survey Questionnaire Design

The Smart Way to Feedback Collection

Understanding what customers think of your brand is key to Customer Success. Feedback and Surveys are the most effective ways to collect Customer Experience Data. The Success of Feedback Collection largely depends on the questionnaire quality, Customer Journey Mapping and Data Collection Channel Strategy.

Customize Questionnaire Design to match your Brand

Questionnaire design consists of both visual and logical elements. The visual elements include the colors, the use of logos, the readability of the questions, use of appropriate icons, etc. The logical part is with regard to the questions, the sequence, the relevance & the flow.

Cloudcherry Questionnaire Builder

  • Create, edit & modify questionnaires anytime, anywhere with changes reflecting in real-time
  • Choose questions from our expert templates, based on the industry’s best practices
  • Set Real-Time Alerts and Notifications for Responses
  • Set conditional questions & control the flow of your questionnaire depending on several criteria
  • Set pre-filled responses for questions that may matter to you but not to your customer
  • Use the same questionnaire across multiple channels such as email, web, tablet, app, SMS with ease
  • Set time-specific and location-specific questions based on time filters
Survey Questionnaire Template