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Tablet, IVR, SMS, Email and other Online Feedback Surveys – Download expert industry templates to get Actionable Insights

Use our expert feedback survey templates with our multi-channel feedback tool for maximum outreach to customers. Our templates have been created by experts and are customizable to give you data that matters most to you. CloudCherry allows you to collect data across multiple interaction points using Tablet Devices, Smartphones, SMS, Email, QR Codes, IVRS, Web and more.

CloudCherry Customer Feedback Surveys help strategize Customer Engagement

Listening to the Voice of the Customer is extremely crucial for measuring, tracking and improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Cloudcherry is the right Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool that helps you derive Insights on Customer Experience with your Brand.
Cloudcherry’s omni-channel approach to Customer Survey and Feedback Collection allows you to strategize for maximum response rates by asking for feedback where the customer is, at the time they are engaged with the brand and using the channel most convenient to the customer.

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How Can CloudCherry Help You?

Real-time notifications

  • Set up real-time alerts and notifications based on customer responses and make your feedback actionable. Relevant stakeholders can receive an alert through SMS, Email or APIs to act on grievances as they happen, giving them the opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a delighted one.

NPS® Measurement

  • Create custom NPS® indices -like NPS® by Gender, Geography, Season, Festivals, Purchase Patterns and work towards improvement in each segment. Act on the insights and improve NPS® at every point through the customer’s journey

Actionable Insights

  • There are powerful insights lying beneath your customer feedback data. Unravel them in real-time and take data-driven business decisions to continually improve your Customers’ Experiences with your brand.

Analytics Dashboard

  • The Cloudcherry Customer Experience Dashboard is the one place to view all your customer feedback data. Be it your Delight Score, your NPS®, and insights into those metrics, it’s all there. Customize this dashboard by creating your own Views and see this data by location, time, department or any other way you wish to.

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