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Use our expert feedback survey templates with our multi-channel feedback tool for maximum outreach to customers. Our templates have been created by experts and are customizable to give you data that matters most to you. CloudCherry allows you to collect data across multiple interaction points using Tablet Devices, Smartphones, SMS, Email, QR Codes, IVRS, Web and more.

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With the use of CloudCherry, we are able to instantly take the necessary action on all guest comments, because the moment a customer gives a comment on the tablet, we receive it instantly. We have used CloudCherry for a over a year now and it’s a great product!

Chris Quyn, Resident Manager,
Cinnamon Grand Colombo
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CloudCherry Customer Feedback Surveys help strategize Customer Engagement

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Listening to the Voice of the Customer is extremely crucial for measuring, tracking and improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Cloudcherry is the right Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool that helps you derive Insights on Customer Experience with your Brand.

Cloudcherry’s omni-channel approach to Customer Survey and Feedback Collection allows you to strategize for maximum response rates by asking for feedback where the customer is, at the time they are engaged with the brand and using the channel most convenient to the customer.

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CloudCherry is more than a simple feedback tool. Use CloudCherry to collect data from your customers and leverage metrics such as NPS®, CloudCherry’s unique Customer Delight Score and much more to derive
actionable Insights