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May 12 2016

CEM CHATBOT: Turn Feedback Collection into Engaging Conversations

Use CloudCherry’s unique Chatbot to engage with your customers in real-time and build engaging conversations that resolve consumer pain points and queries. With our Chatbot, understanding your customers & providing super-quick customer service should no longer be a hurdle!

February 9 2016

Listen to what your Customers are saying on Social

Brands can now listen to their customers on Social by specifying a @username or a #hashtag while creating a survey token. All tweets to this username or with this hashtag will be recorded as a response on the dashboard and the sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) associated with it will be analyzed and projected.

February 9 2016

CEM Inbox: Analyse Customer Sentiment via E-mail

Brands can now ask their customers to e-mail their queries to a certain ID. The suggestions mailed is then stored as separate responses, analyzed, and the sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) associated with it is projected in real-time on the dashboard.

January 11 2016

Capture your Customer’s Signature after a Survey

Ask your customers for their signature once they finish answering your survey. This feature will find use in Companies that deal a lot with logistics. For instance, during door delivery, the delivery person can use the customer’s sign for e-authentication later.

January 11 2016

Set a Dynamic ‘Thank You’ Message at the End of Survey

You can now configure a ‘Thank You’ Message at the end of your survey based on the question flow. For instance, you can thank Promoters (happy customers) and be more apologetic with Passives (neutrals) and Detractors (unhappy customers).

February 9 2016

BETA version of Text Analytics platform

We’ve launched the BETA version of our text analytics platform that allows users to capture & analyze consumer sentiment – whether it’s positive, negative or neutral – from unstructured free text responses.

February 9 2016

Schedule/View/Abort a Campaign

Users can now schedule, view and abort a campaign from the Token Management Tab under the send Email/SMS option. Also, users can view unsubscribers of a particular campaign.

January 11 2016

Interactive API fill: for personalized question administration

This feature allows 2 systems to talk and fill customer specific information to the survey through API call. This allows the brand to ask dynamic questions personalized for one particular respondent in the survey.

January 11 2016

Dropdown option in Group Questions

Group questions can be made to appear as a drop down type. This is useful in cases where questions have a lot of options that the respondent can choose from.

January 11 2016

Time limited questions for gamification of feedback

It is possible to set a time limit for a specific question in the questionnaire. In case, the user doesn’t provide an answer within the give time frame, that particular question is skipped and the next one appears.

January 11 2016

Setting Regex Validation for Consumer Information

Feedback submitted by customers can be validated through Regex – used for validating customised fields such as bank account no. and so on. This allows for authentic and credible consumer information to be recorded with every single feedback.

November 11 2015

Integrating GIFS into the Feedback Questionnaire

GIFs can now be inserted into the ‘Welcome Screen’, ‘Thank You Screen’ and ‘Background Image’ to make your surveys more entertaining

January 11 2016

Display prefilled answers to the respondent

If the question is tagged as ‘Display’, the prefilled answers when filled within the ‘Token’ or through API will be shown in the app when the respondent is giving feedback. This will be relevant in cases where we need to update/crosscheck the customers’ information such as Mobile No./Email ID.

November 11 2015

Set conditional flow within Group questions

Users can now set a conditional flow within the same set of group questions, thereby altering the flow within that group. This feature can be set under the Questionnaire Tab.

January 11 2016

Display Charts in Insight Centre App
Version 1.3

View reports in the form of doughnuts charts, tabular charts and time-line graphs on our Insight Centre App.

November 11 2015

Derive Customer insights from trend lines

Understand why sales goes up/down, footfall increases/decreases, by analyzing customer behaviour under the ‘Insights’ tab on our dashboard.

January 11 2016

View & push comments in Insight centre app

Users can now view all customer comments and push them onto social media platforms from the ‘Responses’ tab in the Insight Centre App.

January 11 2016

Integrate CloudCherry with MailChimp®

Integrate your survey with MailChimp in order to send a email blast campaign to all customers. This can be done by tagging all questions under the ‘Email’ tag.

January 11 2016

View Entire Summary of Notifications on Insight Centre App

Notifications and alerts created by the user on the dashboard can be seen on the App. Moreover, each alert can be drilled down to fetch detailed information that includes respondent Phone no., E-mail ID and more.

November 30 2015

Survey your Customers via E-mail

Users can now send out E-mail surveys by creating separate tokens under the ‘Token Management’ tab in our dashboard. A unique link is generated for each token created which can be used to survey customers online.